Google image search was inspired by this text string: "", referring to the stunning Versace dress (with cleavage down to her waist) Jennifer wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Over the years Google has added many useful features to their image search. I used to use Google image search a lot in finding pictures to post here, but that's mostly a thing of the past as Google has since crippled the product. Here's my summary of what you can and can't do with image searches currently.

In late August Google removed "minumum size", "exact size", and "full color" options from their image search; they also removed "search by image" (whereby you could drag an image into the search bar to get results in multiple sizes). For a few days after the change you could use to restore the "minimum size" setting, but selecting that (for instance, "image size: Larger than 2 MP") now is completely ignored. "Search by image" () appears to work when you click on the camera icon and paste in an image URL, but when you click on any of the image results (like "All sizes") you generally get an error message: "Looks like you've reached the end".

is a front end for 3 different image searches. Getting Google results from RIS leads to the same "Looks like you've reached the end" message. Bing results seem to still be OK, but connecting to Yandex doesn't work any more; you always get "400 Bad Request". This appears to be because RIS links to "/ but the correct current URL is "/ />
Right now appears to be the best option for image searches except that some size and time filters coexist poorly. A search today ("braless") on Google for large images in the past week yielded hundreds of hits, while on Bing that same search came up empty: "No filtered results were found". Switching the Bing filter to the last month instead of the last week yielded many hundreds of results (too many, frankly, when you're only interested in the most recent pics). It's not that such pictures in the past week don't exist; the filters just work incorrectly and zero out the list of results.

Google is still the best option for finding pictures of a specific size; you just need to use the "imagesize" switch in the search text now where previously you could select the size from the search menu. Example:
braless imagesize:1067x1600
You can use the menu to select a date range after that.

I hope this summary helps you folks to find the pictures you're seeking.